Left the RV Behind for a Trip to Oregon!

Nephew Ben and his wife Carrie
Nephew Ben and his wife Carrie

If you full time or “most of the time” RV as we are doing now, there comes a time when you probably have to leave the RV behind.  We just traveled to the Portland, Oregon area this week to attend the wedding of our nephew, Ben.  We had given thought to driving the RV out there, but decided that we weren’t ready for an extended west coast trip and it would be too expensive to just take a couple of weeks to drive to the wedding and back.  If we were full timers already, we may have taken a different approach, I’m not sure.  I will Continue reading Left the RV Behind for a Trip to Oregon!

Pecked to Death by a Duck!

Each trip we learn a little more about the RV lifestyle that reinforce some of the things that we have already learned.  Even though we aren’t true full timers yet, we are certainly half timers plus.  We have a little over 8000 miles on the coach since we took delivery last October.  We have stayed a month in Texas and have been in our Brunswick home for at least three out of those seven months so we have been clicking off the miles when we are moving, yet I don’t feel like we have been rushing around to get to places or to do things.  We have covered some of the same territory as previous trips, which I would prefer not to do, but that is due to visiting and taking care of family matters.

When we attended the RV Dreams Education Rally in April of 2015 everyone kept saying that you have to remember that you are not on vacation when you are full timing.  This is your life now and you are in it for the “long haul”.  You shouldn’t rush around to try to include  Continue reading Pecked to Death by a Duck!