Lazydays – Tampa, Florida

LazydaysI just have to take a minute to say a couple of things about this place.  Liz and I stayed at their 300 unit RV resort in February for three days.  It’s right off of Rt. #4 as you are heading West into Tampa.  A little pricey, but they gave every camper a complimentary breakfast and lunch.  I took their Class A drivers confidence course which was great as I had never driven one before.  I do feel confident now on getting behind the wheel of my own motorhome when the time comes.  The thing I want to relate to everyone who has not been there is the immensity of this place.  They have 126 acres of property, over 600 employees (100 or so sales people alone), 220 service bays, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a pool and activity room and a shuttle to the casino in Tampa.  I told Liz that it’s like Disney World.  Additionally, they go out of their way to make you happy and feel comfortable even if you aren’t buying an RV.  The only people who seemed a little stressed were the folks working in registration.  Not many smiles there.  We spent a whole day wondering through all their motorhomes without being hassled by a sales person.  In fact, the sales people seemed to be so busy with scheduled clients it was sometimes hard to find someone to answer a question.  If you ever get a chance to stay there or just stop for a day you must do it!!


Off to a Slow Start


Liz-and-LillyWe have been slow to get started on all the things that we need to do to move us toward our goal, which is to be full timers by the Spring of 2016.  Now we have been happily sidetracked by the birth of our second grandchild and first grand daughter Lilly Bethany Bahrns.  She was born on March 5th in Charleston, SC to Dave and Renee Bahrns.  Liz is holding her for the first time in the picture to the right.

Now that we are starting to focus again on our planning, I have listed Continue reading Off to a Slow Start

Getting Started

Garage Pic

This is where we have to start.  It’s a little overwhelming but I have to remember the answer to “How do you eat an elephant?” — “One bite at a time.”  That’s certainly the way we will have to approach this.  I think the first thing to do is to put the big stuff on Craig’s List and see if I can move it.  Then I need to organize whats left for a future garage sale.  I’m going to stay motivated as I am really committed to this change in my lfe.  Fortunately Liz is too, which makes things much easier.

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