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Blackhills South Dakota – Part 1

Early Deadwood Saloon
Early Deadwood Saloon

I’m setting here on an overcast cool day in the Black Hills and am trying to catch up on my posts.   I had to download lots of pictures and organize them, then decide how best to write about our experiences.  The Black Hills are located west of the Badlands and, in my opinion, really divided into north and south with Rapid City being the dividing line.   We headed north first and stayed at Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort (highly recommended) which seemed centrally located to the area.  Deadwood, Sturgis and Lead are three of the towns in the Continue reading Blackhills South Dakota – Part 1

Minuteman Missile Historic Site

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we occasionally stumble upon a gem like we did with the Buddy Holly museum in Clear Lake, IA.  Well, it happened again while we were exploring the “Loop” road for the Badlands National Park.  It is the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.  For someone that grew up during the height of the Cold War with Russia I remember the monthly air raid siren tests, the instructions to take cover under our desks at school, and my parents reviewing plans for a bomb shelter.  This site chronicles Continue reading Minuteman Missile Historic Site

Arriving in the Badlands

Badland/White River KOA
Badland/White River KOA

We finally arrived at the Badlands/White River KOA on Sunday afternoon after about a 300 mile trip from Sioux City.  I’ve decided that 300 miles is about the limit to what I really want to drive in a day unless there is some really compelling reason to go further.  In fact, I think my sweet spot is somewhere around 200 to 250.  We had a nice stay in Sioux City although the KOA we stayed at was Continue reading Arriving in the Badlands

Westward Bound!

Mom's Farm House
Mom’s Farm House

We finished visiting with my mother and headed West on Sunday the 21st of August to continue our trip.  I have to say that the first one third of our trip was quite different than we expected.  We scrapped the Michigan portion of our plans to take care of matters in Illinois.  We are both hoping that we have things  squared away for a period of time with my mother.  It is hard being a long distance advocate, but I believe that she is getting the best care possible and is happy.  Continue reading Westward Bound!

Amish Country

Amish Buggy
Amish Buggy

As we finish up with our service work at Newmar, I can’t help but post a little about the Amish community that have a large presence in the Northern Indiana area.  Of course we spent most of our time in Nappanee where Newmar is located, but we did visit Shipshewana, Middlebury and Goshen too.  When we were finished at Newmar we went north and stayed a couple of days in Shipshewana and used that as our base to explore the area.  The Amish/Mennonite community here is even larger here than in Nappanee.  When driving we  really needed to be aware of their Continue reading Amish Country

Returning to the Mother Ship

Newmar-ServiceNewmar, like a few other coach manufacturers provides a service center for their product.  Instead of going to the dealer, an owner can schedule regular maintenance or warranty service at the factory.  It has the advantage of access to some of the most trained and experienced technicians available.  It also eliminates 99% of the problem of not having the right part readily available.  I jokingly refer to it as returning to the Mother Ship.

Continue reading Returning to the Mother Ship

On The Road Again!

Terlingua-1378It took a lot of last minute scrambling after getting our motor home back from Freightliner, but we finally got back on the road again on July 21st.  As I said in one of my earlier posts, I will be glad when we don’t have to do the loading and unloading part of this adventure.  It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure we have everything for each trip as we still have some items providing dual service between the house and the RV. This makes it necessary to load and unload them each trip.  Plus we always have to stock the fridge, pick out our clothes, and make arrangements to have the house and yard cared Continue reading On The Road Again!

The Recall Saga – The Final Chapter

DarkestI know many of you will say that I’m being way too dramatic here and I probably am, but I do have to say that I have felt pretty helpless in resolving this whole situation.  At one point it did seem pretty dark.

On Tuesday I called Freightliner in the morning and they told me that it was being worked on so I figured it would be ready in a couple of hours since it was only an alignment.  Well, I never heard anything so I called back at 3 pm.  I was again told that it was still being worked on, but that is all the service adviser folks could or would tell me.  They refuse to check with the techs or have been told not to bother them and to just report what the computer says.  Well the computer, it appears, is updated at the beginning and end of the job so it is no help on real time updates.  She said they would call me Continue reading The Recall Saga – The Final Chapter

The Recall Saga Continues…

freightliner-logoWell, on Monday morning we stopped at Feightliner of Savannah to hopefully pick up our RV.  We pulled into the facility a little after noon and I saw it parked outside, which I thought was a good sign.

When I went inside the service advisors had to check on its status.  They never seem to be in the loop on what is going on with the work.  Anyway she came back and told me that the tech who was working on it had gone to lunch and would be back in an hour and so I would have to wait.  He still had not closed out the ticket and they didn’t know if he was finished.  So we have no real choice but to wait.

Since we had time to kill, we went down the road to McDonalds and when we got back in 45 minutes the service advisor we were dealing Continue reading The Recall Saga Continues…