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From Tunica to Branson

We left Tunica on the morning of the 15th – our wedding anniversary (37 years!).  Although we really enjoyed Tunica and met a great couple – Mike and Cheryl we had more than our share of rain.  Even though the Sam’s Town park had concrete pads and was well maintained, the amount of rain caused ponding in most of the grassy areas making it hard to walk the dog and a mudding problem which tracked into the trailer.  We had to pack up in the rain, but thankfully it was letting up as we departed.  We took the back way out of Tunica, going south to cross the Mississippi and into Arkansas instead of going North through Memphis.  I wanted to avoid all the local traffic and the lights we would have to deal with through the metropolitan area.  It is always a crap shoot because the route is usually longer and the roads may not be so good.  We came out 50/50 on the deal I think.  Traffic was light and we made good time, but we hit a Continue reading From Tunica to Branson

From Brunswick to Tunica

IMG_0614We started our trip on Friday, April 10th from Brunswick. This adventure will ultimately take us through 10 states by the time we return home on May 4th. Our first stop was at Auburn RV Park in Auburn, AL. The trip was 300 miles and took us through steep rolling hills and some pretty nasty storms. The rain is bad enough to deal with, but I really hate the gusty winds as it moves the trailer around. As you can see from the pictures the skies were very forboding all day.  When we got to Auburn, we found the Park after driving by it and ending up in the Briggs and Stratton parking lot (NOT a happy camper). The signage was Continue reading From Brunswick to Tunica

Time for a Trip!

The Ole Funfinder
The Ole Funfinder

It’s time for our spring trip and this is the last one we currently have scheduled (see “Our  Spring Trip” post for our itinerary). I just finished pulling the ole Fun Finder out of our storage area here in Oak Grove Island, GA and gave it a good wash. We have had a tremendous amount of pollen in the last month and the top was yellow and full of leaves, spanish moss and small branches. That’s what happens when you have to park under the Live Oaks we have here. It kicked my butt cleaning the thing. Thank God for Ibuprofen. We were going to go to St. Georges Island on the Gulf in mid May, but we have some follow-up doctor visits that need to take priority. I can see that these types of appointments, and others that pop up due to circumstances, are going to have to be factored into our travels once we are full time. Lets hope Liz and I don’t acquire more maladies.

When we get back, it will be time to put the TT up for sale. We plan to get our new coach by the fall and since we are ordering it we will have to do it in June for an October delivery. I thought I would see if we could sell Continue reading Time for a Trip!

Got the Thumbs UP!

Got the Thumbs Up!
Got the Thumbs Up!

Met the kids in Charleston, SC this weekend at our youngest son David’s house to transfer one of my old toys – the small boat to our son Doug who came down from the DC area to pick it up (sold the big boat in January).  We had a great weekend and a super cookout Saturday evening.  Liz and I decided to take this opportunity, while everyone was together, to tell them of our plans to buy the Newmar motorhome this Fall and if all goes well to sell the house next Spring.  We didn’t know what kind of a reaction we would get as this move is really out of character for us.  We normally follow the more “traditional” conservative approach to our undertakings, but this one is off the charts for us.

Well, fortunately everyone was excited about it although there was some surprise.  I think Doug and David’s wife Renee suspected something.  One of the first things out of Doug’s mouth Continue reading Got the Thumbs UP!

Lazydays – Tampa, Florida

LazydaysI just have to take a minute to say a couple of things about this place.  Liz and I stayed at their 300 unit RV resort in February for three days.  It’s right off of Rt. #4 as you are heading West into Tampa.  A little pricey, but they gave every camper a complimentary breakfast and lunch.  I took their Class A drivers confidence course which was great as I had never driven one before.  I do feel confident now on getting behind the wheel of my own motorhome when the time comes.  The thing I want to relate to everyone who has not been there is the immensity of this place.  They have 126 acres of property, over 600 employees (100 or so sales people alone), 220 service bays, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a pool and activity room and a shuttle to the casino in Tampa.  I told Liz that it’s like Disney World.  Additionally, they go out of their way to make you happy and feel comfortable even if you aren’t buying an RV.  The only people who seemed a little stressed were the folks working in registration.  Not many smiles there.  We spent a whole day wondering through all their motorhomes without being hassled by a sales person.  In fact, the sales people seemed to be so busy with scheduled clients it was sometimes hard to find someone to answer a question.  If you ever get a chance to stay there or just stop for a day you must do it!!


Off to a Slow Start


Liz-and-LillyWe have been slow to get started on all the things that we need to do to move us toward our goal, which is to be full timers by the Spring of 2016.  Now we have been happily sidetracked by the birth of our second grandchild and first grand daughter Lilly Bethany Bahrns.  She was born on March 5th in Charleston, SC to Dave and Renee Bahrns.  Liz is holding her for the first time in the picture to the right.

Now that we are starting to focus again on our planning, I have listed Continue reading Off to a Slow Start

Getting Started

Garage Pic

This is where we have to start.  It’s a little overwhelming but I have to remember the answer to “How do you eat an elephant?” — “One bite at a time.”  That’s certainly the way we will have to approach this.  I think the first thing to do is to put the big stuff on Craig’s List and see if I can move it.  Then I need to organize whats left for a future garage sale.  I’m going to stay motivated as I am really committed to this change in my lfe.  Fortunately Liz is too, which makes things much easier.

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