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Liz and I currently live in Brunswick, GA just north of Jacksonville, FL. We retired here in 2009 after meeting and working for over 30 years in the Washington D.C. area. We raised two boys who now have their own families and live and work on the East Coast.

We decided in October of 2014 that we wanted to travel more and be able to take our dog Montana with us. That led us to the idea of trying an RV. We bought a travel trailer to try out the lifestyle, and ended up loving it. In eight months we have traveled over 7000 miles and spent 70 nights in it. We planned to continue traveling this way whenever we could, but in December of 2014 I had an incident that required my hospitalization for a couple of days. This came after my wife had an equally serious medical situation that occurred earlier that year. After both these incidents we decided that if we are really serious about traveling and enjoying our retirement we need to rethink our current situation.

Our Pal - Montana
Our Pal – Montana

Over the next days we earnestly discussed our future and ultimately decided that we want to travel as much and as far as we can while we are still physically able to do so. We also decided that there was no reason to pay for the upkeep of the house if we would be gone the majority of the time. So we have decided to sell our house, downsize and get a new RV that meets our needs. When we are finished, either because we choose to be or because of health reasons, we plan to purchase a condo or town home where we don’t have to worry about all the things that come with a single family house.

We decided to start this blog so family, friends and anyone else interested can share in our adventure and maybe learn from our travels or give us advice through their comments.

So…… Here we go!!!!

April 17, 2019

A few things have changed since I originally published this page.  We are still RV’ing much of the year, but had to abandon our plan to do it  full time.  As you go through the posts of April 2019 you will see our reasons for making this decision.  We have subsequently changed the blog name from fulltimingit.com to rvintheus.com as we felt it was more appropriate.  We hope that everyone that has found this site finds something of interest and maybe even picks up a tip or two that will help them enjoy their RV’ing expererience.

Steve and Liz

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