The Finger lakes

Then in Niagara Falls, while headed to get groceries in our car, we heard a loud clunk like we had run over something. Then a red light came on that said check the charging system. We pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store and found the alternator/AC belt was shredded and hanging from the bottom of the engine. After checking the internet and asking a clerk at Auto Zone we found a reputable repair facility. Fortunately for us it was close to the KOA so I was able to drop off the car and walk back to the campsite. There always seems to be some luck in our misfortunes. As it turns out the belt tensioner broke causing the belt to break. The cost of the tensioner and labor weren’t cheap, but we got the car back the next day.

We arrived in the Finger Lakes region of New York on Monday, June 24th. We are located in Pinecreek Campground which is near Ithaca, NY. The campground has a lot of open space, but it isn’t one that we would recommend. Our first assigned site was unacceptable as it wasn’t level and even of more concern was the electric utility was on the wrong side of the motorhome. Our electric cable would not reach. Consequently, we had to request another site which proved difficult, as the only other site available able to handle our size unit was rented later in the week. After some negotiations, they agreed we could move and stay in that site for the week.

Although our new site is adequate, we noticed that our pre-filter for the water softener was filthy dirty. I’m going to have to see if I can find a replacement in Ithica as we don’t have enough time here to order one. Fortunately there is another filter after the softener and then one in the fridge so I’m confident water we use for cooking and showering is fine. We usually drink bottled or pitcher filtered water so that should be good too.

The filter to the right of the softener was white when I put it in on Monday

Now that all that is out of the way, we settled in quickly and decided what we were going to do. We decided we would start with the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY. I’m sure most people have heard of Corningware. Well, this museum is more than just corningware. It chronicles the history of glass from the last few thousand years. It is actually an amazing attraction to visit and well worth your time. We love it when we find these gems.

In addition to displays of beautiful glassware, they have numerous items of artwork done in glass. The glass creations we viewed were amazing and obviously made by skilled creative artisans. We also attended a glass blowing demo that was amazing. The young lady leading the demonstration turned a glob of glass into a beautiful fluted vase in about 15 minutes.

Erbium Chandelier
Erbium Chandelier – Description below
Glass blowing demo
Finished glass
Glass innovation in auto industry – Description below
Picture of glass inside vehicle
Largest cut glass punch bowl made. Completed in 1904 for Tiffany
Artistic stained glass

We also visited several wineries on the wine trail map. The wine we sampled was very good. Neither of us are wine aficionados, but we know what tastes good. This area has more wineries in close proximity than I have seen anywhere else we have traveled. We have not been to Sonoma, however. Most have tasting rooms and also hold special events. The vineyards are on the hillsides that slope down to the lakes making them very picturesque. They seem to grow most varieties of grapes so the selection of wines is extensive. If you do come to this area just google the “wine trail” and you should get a list of most of the wineries.

Looking toware Seneca Lake from one of the wineries. The photo really doesn’t do the view justice
Some great lunch places near the wineries.

The campground is located in the hills close to the town of Ithaca, NY. That’s where we did most of our shopping and to our surprise there is a Wegman’s grocery store here. If you haven’t experienced a Wegmans, you are really missing out. There is one in Virginia where we used to live and it is one of the things we really miss in Georgia. We spent a couple hours shopping there this week.

Plenty of fresh fruit and veggies

Finally, I had thought about going to Watkins Glen International for a big race on Sunday, the 30th to take pictures. However, it was unclear as to whether or not I could get my camera equipment in. Additionally, I decided that I wasn’t up for dealing with the traffic and the crowds so I relaxed at the RV park and got stuff ready for our departure to Lake George on Monday.

Safe Travels…..

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