The Finger lakes

Before I start reporting on our stay at the Finger Lakes, I don’t want folks to think we have gone a week or so without some type of issue impacting our trip. After all, our adventures sometime seem to be the misadventures of Liz and Steve.

On our way to Niagara Falls the check engine light came on in the Ventana. Geeeez! I pulled over at the next rest area we came to and called the 24/7 Freightliner number. The tech talked me through the steps needed to find the fault code. Once he had the code he advised me that it was not a serious problem and that it was OK to continue driving. He also said that the code usually clears itself with several engine starts and stops. I believe he said it had something to do with the NOx sensor. I didn’t hear too much after he told me it was OK to drive and should clear the fault on it’s own : – ) Thank goodness for the 24/7 support provided by Freightliner. He was correct, the code cleared in a couple of days.

Check Engine Light?? Disregard Today Distance as it’s obviously wrong.

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