Settling In

We started our trip this year again on May 15th with our get together with folks we worked with in DC. It’s always great fun at the beach in NC, and things were pretty much back to normal after the hurricane that devastated the area last year.

The NC Group
One of our many dinners together

We headed to Freightliner in Gaffney, SC next for our annual service on the chassis. These folks always seem to get it right as many of the other Freightliner dealers concentrate more on the trucks than motor homes. No real surprises here this year. They were unable to fix the AC leak in the dash air as the component identified as the problem (expansion valve) needed to be replaced or the connections checked by Newmar or an RV service tech.

As we were “buttoning” everything up to leave I had to check one of the rear axle tires as the sensor was reading low pressure. Well, as I raised up quickly from stooping a few minutes, my head encountered the edge of the bedroom slide. I hit it hard enough that I felt an impression on the top of my head. I went inside and Liz said I had blood running down my face. Not what we needed right before we were to leave. Long story short, we stopped the bleeding and took a picture and sent it to our nurse daughter in law Renee. She said that she thought it needed stitches. She was probably right, but my head felt OK and I wanted to keep going. So we hit the road. It may have not been the smartest thing to do, but it all worked out and the cut has healed fine.

Ouch!!!! This was a couple days after the injury.

Next we overnighted in Tennessee before we were to spend four days in Paducah, KY and go to Harrahs Casino which is right over the Ohio river in Metropolis, IL. The KOA campground in Crossville, TN is without a doubt one of the best KOA’s we have stayed at. It’s new, well maintained and the folks couldn’t be friendlier. They have a great pool and a nice dog park. Brandy loved running there with another Aussie she met.

Superman – Metropolis, IL

As we were about to leave the park the following morning I made probably my biggest and stupidest mistake since RV’ing. We had everything packed and were almost ready to depart. I had done my walk around and noted that I just needed to unplug and we were ready to go. I then remembered I wanted to go into the camp office and thank everyone as they had been great hosts. I spent a few minutes chatting with them and then came out, jumped in the RV and drove off. It wasn’t until several miles down the road, when someone flagged us down, that I realized that I had a problem. I stopped the bus and walked around the left side and got a sick feeling in my stomach. I hadn’t unplugged from the electric pedestal. GeeeeZ!! How could I forget that. I was now on the side of I-40 with about 10 feet of cord dangling on the road. Fortunately, it didn’t appear to damage the bay door or the electrical reel. If that cord would have gotten wrapped around a wheel who knows what damage would have occurred.

I reeled in the cord and shut the bay door. Once I composed myself and kicked myself in the a** a dozen times, I called ahead to the campground and had them give me the name of an RV tech that could meet us when we arrived. He checked everything out and since I had 50 feet of cord, he just put another plug on the end of the cable. Now I have about 40 feet instead of 50, but a fairly inexpensive fix for what could have been a major problem.


I was expecting a call from the KOA in TN saying I damaged their pedestal. However, I never received any and decided to leave well enough alone and not call them. I was still stinging from my stupid mistake and a little embarrassed to call them anyway. I left behind a Progressive Industries surge protector too. Of course I don’t know if it was damaged, but I wanted to upgrade to the better unit anyway so this gave me the opportunity.

I guess the lesson learned here is that it’s important to always stay focused when performing those tasks needed for departure. Just a little distraction and serious problems can occur. We’re hoping we have all of our – I guess I should say my- screw ups out of the way. I’m blaming the latest incident on the blow to my head in SC. : – ) Keep your fingers crossed for us. We still have a few months of adventures left on this trip.

Below are a few pics of things that we did or that happened during our stay here in Effingham, IL.

5 inches of rain in a couple hours led to flooding!!
Storm blew a tree over at the farm
Mom’s Farm House
Balming day looking East from the house
Got to do a little farming with Kurt Haarmann
Enjoyed some Pinot Noir at a local winery
Brandy doing what she loves
Playing with her new friend Sadie
Ever on alert!!!

We’re off to Newmar in Nappanee on Wednesday the 12th and then we start working our way to Niagara Falls.

Safe Travels……

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