Newmar and Beyond

Access will be by coach number and only for the day before scheduled service and the day after. The old campground was not closely monitored and some folks would abuse the privilege and stay much longer than their service appointment to enjoy free camping.

Below are a few pictures of the service facility.

Lobby waiting area


Ms Liz



The Service Bays

Our Coach

Service went pretty much as expected. I had a few LED lights that needed replacement. Normally I would have replaced the lights myself, but they were in the ceiling and extremely hard to get out. I was afraid of damaging the ceiling so I decided to let Newmar replace them. Now that I see that they had much the same issues as me in removing them, I will replace any future ones. We also had a recall on the wiring harness to the headlights that the techs handled. One new policy of Newmar is that they will let you come back to your coach as they work on it. This is not only helpful in understanding the workings of your unit, but also in seeing what you are getting for your money.

Additionally, we had to have a slide controller upgraded as the old one was causing problems. Unfortunately, we had to pay for the upgrade. They did, however, find a problem with a slide roller that was a six hour job to repair. Fortunately, they agreed to cover the item even though we are outside our warranty. The labor alone on that one would have probably been around 700 dollars. We did have to stay an extra day for the fix so I’m glad we built some flexibility into our travel schedule. So far Newmar has exceeded our expectations on all our service appointments. We’re really happy that we decided to purchase from this company.

We were also able to get to some of our favorite places while we were there. We hit Shipshewana and Yoder Meats and Cheese one day. Also made stops at Bourbon Pizza, the Dutch Kitchen and the Main Street Coffee Shop. We did, however, miss Rocket Science Ice Cream. We’re both sad about that. There was a hot air balloon festival along with an old time tractor show scheduled while we were there, but the weather unfortunately cancelled the event. For a small town Nappanee and the surrounding area has a lot happening.

Our next stop is Niagara Falls. We wanted to stop around halfway which was somewhere near Cleveland, OH. We couldn’t get a site on Saturday so we had to stay at Newmar an extra day. We finally got a place in Geneva, OH near Lake Erie. The campground was called Willow Lake and although the location is close to the lake, it really needed some work. The place was a water wonder land and not in a good way. Part of this was beyond their control, but I thought I was going to have problems getting out of our site as it was so wet that the motorhome was making ruts. The roads in and out were full of potholes too. It’s a shame, as this place could really be nice.



Road in Willow Lakes Campground


Rutting in campsite. Was deeper than picture indicates

On to Niagara Falls…..

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