2019 Summer RV Plans

Before I start on our upcoming trip, there is one other change that has recently happened to our family. If you remember, one of the unfortunate things that happened to us was the accidental death of our dog Montana. Those of you that have pets know that they become part of the family and are really missed when they are gone. Montana had traveled over 23,000 miles with us, and it just didn’t seem the same traveling without him. We had planned to get a new puppy in the summer after Montana was hit by the truck, and we had actually picked one out. A beautiful Australian Shepherd from a breeder in North Carolina. However, Liz’s accident resulted in us cancelling the new puppy. Well, once Liz recovered we decided to go ahead and still get a puppy. We contacted the same breeder and on January 22nd we picked up our new little girl, Brandy. We decided on the name Brandy because of the song by the same name. Some of the song’s lyrics contain the words, “She’s a fine girl with eyes that would steal a sailor from the sea”. We thought that really described her. She will never replace Montana, but she will be with us as we all start a new chapter in our lives.

Brandy at ten weeks old
Brandy at ten weeks old

Putting the pieces back together – my thoughts

Now that we are into the new year we are looking forward to our 2019 travels. Last year is behind us and we feel like we have a fresh start. We began in January by camping with friends in central Florida. It was Liz’s first time back in the coach since the accident last July and she did great.

Liz with Sue and Carl Grey

As I think back to the accident, I’m thankful that things worked out the way they did with our decision to not sell the house and go full time. Her recovery, once released from Brooks Rehab, was so much better facilitated being in our house. Our son installed grab bars in the shower and toilet area that really helped during the first few weeks of her recovery. She would have not been able to rehab in the motorhome. I think we would have probably stayed with one of our kids had we not had the house to go to. I certainly would not discourage anyone from traveling and living in their motorhome full time. After all that’s what we originally had planned to do. However, I would stress that it is important to have a plan of somewhere to stay for an extended period of time should an emergency similar to ours arise. Never in a thousand years did we think anything like this would occur, but fortunately we had the resources available to make the outcome successful.