Reflections and the monkey

Chimney Rock in NC before working our way home.  It was an enjoyable trip where we got to see many sights and spend a lot of time with retired friends from my work and numerous new friends, in the RV community.    We really hated to see the trip come to an end, but decided that we needed to get home as we had not been in Brunswick since Hurricane Irma caused an evacuation and flooding of our neighborhood.  Reports from our neighbors indicated that we had no damage, so we felt no urgency in returning early.

Once we returned, Liz and I sat down and reflected on the past three years we have been RV’ing.  In that time we have upgraded from our 27 foot travel trailer to our 40 foot motorhome and we have traveled over 30,000 miles and stayed in 21 different states.  Since getting the motorhome 24 months ago, we have spent about 12 months in it and the other 12 months here at our home in Brunswick, GA.  If you have been following the blog, you know that our intentions all along have been to sell our house and live full time in the motorhome.  There were numerous reasons why we felt that way and a detailed description of those and our thought process is included in past posts.  We had hoped by now to have made the transition from our house to the RV, but due to medical and other reasons that hasn’t occurred.  We both agree that it was fortunate that we still had the house during Liz’s medical issues as it would have been difficult and uncomfortable for her to deal with it living in the motorhome.  However, currently we are both enjoying good health for our ages and there is nothing that precludes of us from extended or full time RV travel.  In fact, we hated to return home from our last trip.

Having said that, we both continue to age and certainly don’t know what the future might bring.  We love RV travel and are currently making plans for 2018 that will take us away from home for seven out of the twelve months.  It’s this length of travel that makes us want to “downsize” and sell the house so that we don’t have the expenses for it while we are gone.  On the other hand, as we age, the likelihood of another major medical issue increases.  We are certainly better off dealing with it living in our house rather than in the RV.  We are fortunate to have the financial resources to keep both without a problem, although the fiscal conservative side of me hates to pay for something I’m not always using.  There are other issues contributing to our decision but none so compelling as the house being our place of refuge in an emergency.  It is easier and more comfortable for us to return to our own home than to impose on someone else should we not be able to stay in the RV.  I guess what I’m saying is that we currently feel the need to keep the house, since we can, so that we have a safety net if needed.

Additionally, I do have to confess that it is nice to come home from a few months on the road and be able to “spread” out a little more and have available a plethora of tools, work benches, big BBQ grills and other niceties that are non existent or reduced in their capabilities on the road.  A reliable, and mega fast cable wifi is a plus too.  The one other positive of these “home interludes” is that we find a really heightened level of excitement when it’s time to return to traveling and consequently there is more appreciation for the trip.  It’s probably a result of us changing our routine from the home to the RV and the sense of adventure that travel offers.  Just as coming home for a time is welcome, preparing to and then actually traveling becomes more exciting.

I plan to keep the blog going, but I guess I need to change the name from to  I’m hoping that through continuing to share our thoughts and experiences it will help others in their decision making process regarding the RV lifestyle and/or their travel plans.  Our desire is to play some part in making everyone’s RV travel more rewarding.  I know we greatly value and have benefited and continue to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others over the three short years we have been traveling.

If you’re wondering what to heck the Monkey in the title is about. Well, we have been trying to decide for the past year as to what our best course of action with regard to full time RV’ing should be.  It’s not been an easy decision and we’ve gone back and forth many times.  Now that we’ve made that decision it does truly feel like the monkey is off our back.  We can get down to really enjoying each aspect of how we plan to enjoy our retirement time.  No more thinking we have to do this or that by a certain time and when are we going to get started.  Plus we have a sense of security with the fact that we know how we plan to handle those emergencies when they arise.

Safe Travels

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