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If you haven’t read the post entitled – Changes To “Our RV Travels” Site, please do.  It will put this post in context and consequently it will make more sense.

Again Hello to everyone and sorry it has been such a long time since my last posting.  When I started this blog, one of my promises to myself was that it would always be fun.  I never wanted to try to monetize it in any way or feel that I had an obligation or duty to post at specific intervals.  Consequently, there has been gaps of differing amounts of time between posts and also a different focus in each individual post depending on how I felt at the time.  Having said that, I plan to continue to capture our travels so that we can have a historic record of it and can look back at our thoughts concerning the experiences at that time.  It is already fun to look back on our posts from the first year.  Finally, I hope that things that we have learned through our adventures and share here can be helpful to others who enjoy this type of travel and living.

Liz and I returned from what ended up being a ten week adventure that kept us mostly in the Midwest, Mid South, and the Mid Atlantic region of the country.

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We viewed the full eclipse in SC, then visited with my mother in Illinois, traveled to Newmar in Indiana to have all our furniture re-upholstered, visited the Great Lakes region of Michigan, traveled to an RV rally in Marion, NC, then headed to the NC coast for a reunion with folks I used to work with who have RV’s, then back to Sevierville, TN for a week.  Finally we ended up at Lake Lure and

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