Putting the pieces back together – part 2

The family support team

It would have been difficult for me to get through this ordeal without the direct support of my family and the encouragement of friends. Our youngest son, David, came from South Carolina to help for a few days. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay as long as he wanted because his job at the time didn’t provide any leave. Our oldest son, Doug, is a Marine and was on ship deployment. He called regularly to check on his momma and provide what support he could. I found a campground and moved the motorhome closer to the hospital. So my daily drive went from 80 miles each way to a little over 10 miles. My daughter in law Renee, thank God, is a registered nurse case worker in South Carolina and she handled many of the insurance issues with Blue Cross. She also researched rehab hospitals in Illinois and the Georgia/Florida area. Her involvement became even more important later as I will explain.

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