“Our rv travels” has a new site url

It’s been two years since we have posted to this blog. So many things have happened in those two years that it’s going to take some time to explain everything. It’s been a real roller coaster of emotions for us and a lot of our friends and family. I’ll explain more later, and be as concise as possible so as to keep your interest. Suffice it to say that all things considered we have been blessed with the outcome. Hopefully there will be something useful readers can glean from our experience. I should start by telling all of you that might still be out there reading this blog that we changed our Url from fulltimingit.com to rvintheus.com. That is as close as I could get to rvingtheusa.com which is what I wanted. I believe that the new url better reflects our current status.

I’m going to start by publishing a post that I wrote over a year ago and never published. It will give you a little background before I move forward with what happened in 2018 and our plans for 2019. The post is entitled “Reflections and the Monkey”.

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