Putting the pieces back together – part 2

The family support team

It would have been difficult for me to get through this ordeal without the direct support of my family and the encouragement of friends. Our youngest son, David, came from South Carolina to help for a few days. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay as long as he wanted because his job at the time didn’t provide any leave. Our oldest son, Doug, is a Marine and was on ship deployment. He called regularly to check on his momma and provide what support he could. I found a campground and moved the motorhome closer to the hospital. So my daily drive went from 80 miles each way to a little over 10 miles. My daughter in law Renee, thank God, is a registered nurse case worker in South Carolina and she handled many of the insurance issues with Blue Cross. She also researched rehab hospitals in Illinois and the Georgia/Florida area. Her involvement became even more important later as I will explain.

Putting the pieces back together Part 1

I apologize for the length of this story, but I think it’s important that I explain our experience in it’s entirety. Because of the length, I’ve divided it into three parts. It’s my hope that our near tragic accident, and how we handled it, will help others prepare for those unexpected incidents that we all think won’t ever happen to us.

We started 2018 excited about the upcoming year and our planned RV travels. 2017 was behind us and Liz’s back surgery in February seemed to help her condition. She was now able to tolerate her back pain and seemed to be winning the battle with her osteoporosis, which, by the way, was originally thought to be bone cancer because of the number of collapsing vertebrae in her back. We were also still stinging from the loss of our dog Montana in December of that year. He broke away from Liz on a walk and chased a truck which unfortunately ran over him. It was in our neighborhood and the speeds were low, but we believe the driver was distracted although he didn’t admit that. We rushed him to the vet, but his injuries were too severe to save him.


As I said we were looking forward to traveling in the upcoming year. Our travel plans would take us to North Carolina first to camp with some fellow retirees from my previous job, and then on to South Carolina for service at Freightliner followed by a visit to Illinois to see my mother who is in assisted living. Our first sign that this trip might be “jinxed” was when we got a call from the assisted living facility well before we could get to Illinois. They said that my mother kept trying to walk out of the building and that she was very confused and angry. We were told that this situation needed our immediate attention so we hurried to Illinois. Long story short our one week visit turned into six weeks. We were, however, able to have mom’s medication adjusted which stabilized her situation. Consequently, we felt comfortable continuing with our now modified travel plans.

Reflections and the monkey

If you haven’t read the post entitled – Changes To “Our RV Travels” Site, please do.  It will put this post in context and consequently it will make more sense.

Again Hello to everyone and sorry it has been such a long time since my last posting.  When I started this blog, one of my promises to myself was that it would always be fun.  I never wanted to try to monetize it in any way or feel that I had an obligation or duty to post at specific intervals.  Consequently, there has been gaps of differing amounts of time between posts and also a different focus in each individual post depending on how I felt at the time.  Having said that, I plan to continue to capture our travels so that we can have a historic record of it and can look back at our thoughts concerning the experiences at that time.  It is already fun to look back on our posts from the first year.  Finally, I hope that things that we have learned through our adventures and share here can be helpful to others who enjoy this type of travel and living.

Liz and I returned from what ended up being a ten week adventure that kept us mostly in the Midwest, Mid South, and the Mid Atlantic region of the country.

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We viewed the full eclipse in SC, then visited with my mother in Illinois, traveled to Newmar in Indiana to have all our furniture re-upholstered, visited the Great Lakes region of Michigan, traveled to an RV rally in Marion, NC, then headed to the NC coast for a reunion with folks I used to work with who have RV’s, then back to Sevierville, TN for a week.  Finally we ended up at Lake Lure and

“Our rv travels” has a new site url

It’s been two years since we have posted to this blog. So many things have happened in those two years that it’s going to take some time to explain everything. It’s been a real roller coaster of emotions for us and a lot of our friends and family. I’ll explain more later, and be as concise as possible so as to keep your interest. Suffice it to say that all things considered we have been blessed with the outcome. Hopefully there will be something useful readers can glean from our experience. I should start by telling all of you that might still be out there reading this blog that we changed our Url from fulltimingit.com to rvintheus.com. That is as close as I could get to rvingtheusa.com which is what I wanted. I believe that the new url better reflects our current status.

I’m going to start by publishing a post that I wrote over a year ago and never published. It will give you a little background before I move forward with what happened in 2018 and our plans for 2019. The post is entitled “Reflections and the Monkey”.