Our Trip Summary


We finally arrived home on November 7th pretty much emotionally and physically exhausted from our adventure.  We had a great trip and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery, special events and people we met along the way.  I’m not sure that there is too much we would have done differently.  However, you have probably heard the phrase “Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.”  This is certainly what happened to us on this trip.  Unexpected issues involving my mother’s situation in Illinois required us to adjust our plans several times and ultimately we ended up spending almost five weeks in Effingham, IL over the course of our trip when we had planned for one.  I’m certainly not complaining about helping my mother, but the nature of the issues and the inconsistent, unorganized and unprofessional response of the assisted  living staff made everything more complicated and consequently more difficult to resolve.  Furthermore, it also made it difficult to plan for upcoming events as we weren’t sure if or when the trip might be interrupted by a new issue requiring a return to Illinois.  If it would not have been for the help of my sister traveling from Oregon to Illinois for a few weeks, I’m afraid most of our plans would have been cancelled.

Safe Travels…..

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