The Recall Saga Continues…

freightliner-logoWell, on Monday morning we stopped at Feightliner of Savannah to hopefully pick up our RV.  We pulled into the facility a little after noon and I saw it parked outside, which I thought was a good sign.

When I went inside the service advisors had to check on its status.  They never seem to be in the loop on what is going on with the work.  Anyway she came back and told me that the tech who was working on it had gone to lunch and would be back in an hour and so I would have to wait.  He still had not closed out the ticket and they didn’t know if he was finished.  So we have no real choice but to wait.

Since we had time to kill, we went down the road to McDonalds and when we got back in 45 minutes the service advisor we were dealing with had gone to  lunch and the other person had no idea what was going on so I had to explain everything all over again.  Finally, the tech comes back and they say I’m ready to go, but I get no paperwork because it’s under warranty and they don’t usually give out paperwork with warranty repairs.  I say wait a minute, I have a letter saying I am responsible for a recall and I need something to show I have had it done.  After some back and forth and a trip to the back office she says that they will email me the paper work and give me a copy of a one sentence paper saying I had the work done.  This place is unbelievable.

We then go out to the motor home and look it over and it looks good so I start it.  Everything seems to be working so I tell Liz to take off as I didn’t feel like towing the car home.  She leaves and I head out on the road and the steering wheel is 90 degrees off center and the vehicle is  pulling to the right.  Now I’m mad.  I went to the end of the street and turned around in a truck stop and returned to the service center. I went inside and let them have it.  I questioned why they didn’t align it and that the tech should have noticed it when they test drove it.  We went back and forth and finally they brought out the same Irish guy from the other day.  He then said that it must have come in that way because they hadn’t done anything to affect the alignment.  Now I’m getting madder because his tone is such that he is basically saying that I’m lying.  He said that the recall didn’t authorize an alignment so I would have to pay for it if I wanted one.  I continued to insist that that they did something to it as it didn’t come in that way.  He basically stood his ground and wouldn’t do anything further under the recall warranty work.  Since, I didn’t want to leave not knowing exactly what was wrong, I told them to check the alignment as it really didn’t feel safe with the wheel so severely out of adjustment.  They said OK, but that they couldn’t get to it till tomorrow (Tuesday).  Geeez haven’t these people ever heard of customer service.  It has already been here almost a month and they are going to make me come back tomorrow.  Another day lost and another trip to Savannah.

So, they were to align it Tuesday morning at a cost of $450 to me (RV price, trucks are $250).  I just hope that they didn’t hit something or drop it off the jacks.  It will certainly be hard to prove that.  I don’t want them to come back to me and say that there is some damage that is causing it or I must have wrecked it.  After a great experience at Gaffney with Freightliner this experience really makes me sour on the company.   I still think that there might be some correlation with the sway bar repair as it is the only variable (unless they are not telling me everything).  I will see if I can get Detroit Axle to pay for the alignment as part of the sway bar recall.

The saga continues….


2 thoughts on “The Recall Saga Continues…”

  1. I just changed my mind about a class A motorhome. I will use my little trailer for awhile. Hope things work out.

    1. Judith you shouldn’t let a few problems deter you. These things have a way of working out and if you will read my final post on this issue you will see how it ends. We had a 27 foot trailer before the motorhome and I could never go back. The experience of driving and staying in the motorhome is like no other. We love it!

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