Planning for the Summer and Fall

Pure-MichiganWe are about a month away from going on the road again so I thought I would talk a little about our plans and the general route we plan to take.  At this point, we can plan with some specificity the first two weeks of the trip.  We know our first destination to stay for more than a couple of days will be Effingham, IL.  We will visit my mother there and then head to Newmar in Indiana for some warranty work.  Our appointment date is August 1st but we don’t know how many days we will need to stay to have the work completed.  One couple reported on the iRV2 forum that they had expected to be there a week and it turned into 2 1/2 weeks because of unexpected problems.  I hope we can avoid that.  Once we finish Continue reading Planning for the Summer and Fall

Time to Re-Focus

Refocusing-PrioritiesOne of the nice things that we face as we prepare to move full time into our motor home is the fact that we do not have to rush.  Fortunately, our RV purchase was not contingent on selling the house and we could continue to travel for a few months at a time and still keep the house to return to.  However, we decided early on that the cost of keeping the house and maintaining it for six months or less of occupancy out of the year is really going to cost us a lot of money that we could otherwise save by selling it.  If the house were Continue reading Time to Re-Focus