Pecked to Death by a Duck!

Each trip we learn a little more about the RV lifestyle that reinforce some of the things that we have already learned.  Even though we aren’t true full timers yet, we are certainly half timers plus.  We have a little over 8000 miles on the coach since we took delivery last October.  We have stayed a month in Texas and have been in our Brunswick home for at least three out of those seven months so we have been clicking off the miles when we are moving, yet I don’t feel like we have been rushing around to get to places or to do things.  We have covered some of the same territory as previous trips, which I would prefer not to do, but that is due to visiting and taking care of family matters.

When we attended the RV Dreams Education Rally in April of 2015 everyone kept saying that you have to remember that you are not on vacation when you are full timing.  This is your life now and you are in it for the “long haul”.  You shouldn’t rush around to try to include 
everything possible to do at each location where  you stop like you are on a two week vacation.  For one, it gets pretty expensive doing and seeing everything possible, and it also has a tendency to increase your fatigue and stress.

We are on the return portion of our trip to Illinois for my mother’s birthday and this is our first adventure where it really doesn’t feel like a vacation, but more just like living our daily life only out of the RV instead of our house in Brunswick.  If this were a vacation, some might consider it a disaster, but since it is really our way of life we take it more in stride.  It’s not like we only get one a year, like it was when we were working.  We have had a multitude of things happen that by themselves aren’t too bad, but when combined tend to wear on you.  Hence, the saying, Feeling like I’m being pecked to death by a duck.  Liz used to say this all the time when raising the kids.

Before I list the things we have dealt with this trip, I want to stress that we are having a great time and we just roll with the punches.  I don’t want to be accused of being a whiner!  Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t get testy at times.  Just ask Liz.  So here goes.

Right before we left, we found out that my mother was scheduled for some “involved” medical tests that needed either us or my sister to be with her.  She is 85 and suffers from short term memory loss.  Neither her nor the doctor’s office advised us, so we were caught off guard.  One of the problems of not being close to elderly parents is that all the information is not readily available.   Of course, this would be an issue whether or not we were RV’ing.  Fortunately, my sister who lives in Oregon was able to reschedule the tests for when we could get there.  Once there, we spent our first day prepping her and the second day having the tests.

Traveled most of the trip to Illinois in the rain.

Took the dog to a vet in Eufaula, AL for an emergency.

Had the electronic keypad locking system on the front door of the RV quit working.  Fortunately, the key is still working.

Door locking problem probably result of faulty pins not making connection
Door locking problem probably result of faulty pins not making connection

Had the full wall slide gouge the pocket door rail on the inside of the coach.

Full Wall Slide Damage to Rail
Full Wall Slide Damage to Rail

Had the microwave shift inside the frame and cause the door to only open 3/4 of the way.

Top Left Corner Tilted Back
Top Left Corner Tilted Back

Had the drawer latch in the bathroom vanity break.

Tow cable harness got caught on tow bar during a turn and pulled all the wires out of the plug that goes into the motor home.  I discovered it at a truck stop during an inspection and had to get a wiring diagram for the motor home plug from the internet and figure out which wires went where as the colors didn’t match.  Not a fun time.

Had the staff at my mother’s assisted living advise us that my mother was complaining, to them, that we wouldn’t let her go to my nephew’s wedding in Oregon because we didn’t think she should travel.  However, she has consistently told me and my sister that she didn’t want to travel that far and didn’t want to go.  My sister can deal with that one.

Liz had twisted her knee before we left, but then stepping on to a curb at the assisted living facility something popped in her knee.  Spent the next day at the orthopedic clinic being treated for a torn meniscus.  Thank goodness a friend of ours was able to get us in immediately so we avoided the whole emergency room and referral process.  Great job Rick.  Thanks.

Liz having to navigate entry steps to the motor home with a torn meniscus for the rest of the trip.

Survived a hail storm.

Liz won $1,000 on a straight royal flush on video poker while we were camped at Harrah’s in Metropolis (this one can offset one of the previous ones).

And we still have a week to go!!!

Off to Freightliner….


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