May the Force Be With You…

star warsI haven’t talked much about expenses on the road.  For the most part it seems, for us anyway, we live on the road like we do at the house. We don’t have a budget that we follow and we do pretty much what we want each month.  We may spend a little more on entertainment or expenses needed to explore a new area such as tours, museums, sites of special interest, etc. than we do at home.  I figure that if we are going to travel, we need to get the most out of each place we visit.  Sometimes it does cost a little more than planned, but that’s ok as long as it’s not every day.  I always say, “but we are on vacation” and Liz reminds me that we can’t always be on vacation.  I want to try though.  : )

We splurged a little the last two days.  We did eat in on Tuesday, but we stopped at the fish market in Ft. Myers and bought a Swordfish steak for Liz and a nice piece of Chilean Sea Bass for me.  Liz pan seared both of them and they were delicious.  Then on Wednesday we went to see Star Wars at the IMAX theater and tickets with popcorn and sodas was $50  – YIKES.  We did have a $25 Fandango gift card left from my birthday so that helped.  We followed up the movie with dinner at Carrabbas’ Grill which turned out to be about $50 too.  We enjoyed both experiences.

By the way, we thought that the Star Wars movie was great.  We haven’t really kept up with every episode, but we both remember waiting in line to see the first one way back in the 70’s.  This one had a great story that kept moving with a nice balance of action and drama to keep everyone interested.  The only distraction I had was the need to go to the bathroom after drinking my $6.00 32 ounce soda that came with my $8.00 box of popcorn.  The ending sets the scene for the next one in the series.  Can’t wait!!

As far as expenses go, we will have more costs since we are paying for services at our house that have to continue plus we incur fuel, camping fees, etc. while on the road.  Once we do sell the house, it will be like getting a raise.  We were able to suspend Comcast cable for the time we are gone so we don’t have that bill plus the Dish bill for the RV.  We did have to add a mail service as the USPS will not hold mail for more than 30 days, plus we would want to see our mail at some point anyway.  The USPS will temporarily forward your mail so we have it sent to St. Brendans Isle while we are gone.  Then St. Brendans will send it to whatever location we want based on our request.  The USPS will do this too, but it costs more.  We also have to continue the lawn service while we are gone plus pay the flood insurance, water, electric and other upkeep on the house.  It all adds up.  Our biggest problem with the house is that it is at the age that it should have some life cycle replacement of air conditioners, water heaters, etc. and the market has yet to really recover in Brunswick meaning that we will take a loss on the house so I’m reluctant to put much money in it.  However, to sell, as is, may make the loss greater.  We shall see what happens.

Not sure what is on the agenda today other than we plan to attend Christmas Eve service at one of the Lutheran churches here, and then have a pot roast dinner back at Woodsmoke RV Park.

We hope everyone has a blessed Christmas!!



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