Finally, On the Road…At Least Part of the Time.

Leaving Brunswick
Proud Owners

The time that seemed so far in the future finally arrived!!  Liz and I rented a U-Haul trailer, loaded it with stuff from the trailer and other things that we bought to include in the new coach and then departed on October 9th headed to Nappanee, IN.  Needless to say we were really excited.  We stayed the first night in Dalton, GA then off to near Louisville, KY  for night two and then arriving in Nappanee on Sunday, October 12th.  Our first stop was at Camp Newmar to try to secure a spot to park the motorhome once we start the delivery process on Monday.  It is beyond me as to why Newmar doesn’t secure a few spots for those folks taking the factory delivery option.  You pay a sizable premium for this service and it seems to me that you shouldn’t have to scrounge for a spot in the main lot.  Unfortunately, for us all the spaces were taken so we would be relegated to the overflow area for at least the first night.  The negative to the overflow area is that there is no sewer hookup making it necessary to move the RV to a dump station after a couple of days if you are trying out the washing machine and dishwasher.  Below is a link to a page that describes in more detail all that we went through the week of delivery.

We met some great folks while at Camp Newmar and enjoyed interacting with our tech Scott and his team leader Leander.  These guys really try to do a good job of making sure that the coach is “squared away” before you drive away.  They also do their best to educate you on all the systems so that you

Scott and Leander
Scott and Leander

know how to operate everything.  That is a tough assignment, as there is so much info to learn in such a short time that most people, including myself, tend to forget a lot of it.  As I write this post on October 27th, I’m still trying to remember some of the things that I was told, and learn others that I need to know.  I still have to install and program my Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).  I also need to learn how to program the Energy Management System (EMS) which monitors many of the electrical aspects of the bus.  One of the most important functions is the automatic generator start which is important if you are not hooked to shore power and are running on the 8 coach batteries.  The EMS will automatically start to charge the batteries at a pre-programmed voltage.  I have not taken the time to figure out how to do it.

DSCF0213We met a couple fulltimers whose home base was Texas named Barb and Jack.  They have and older Dutch Star and were there for service.  DSCF0195Fortunately, they were in the reception area listening to me complain to Newmar about not having a place to park in the regular lot.  They took it upon themselves to save a spot for us when the people next to them left.  They then searched us out at the service bldg. to tell us we could now park next to them.  We find this “looking out for each other” common in the RV community and refreshing.  We also met and had drinks with Jack and Mary Lou Meyer from Minnesota who where taking delivery on a new Mountain Aire.  I met Jack online at the iRV2 forum and we searched each other out as we already knew we would be taking delivery the same week.  It was actually a fun and educational week at Newmar and one that we are glad we decided to participate in.  Now, it’s time to take off on our own!  Yikes!!!!!


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