Finally, On the Road…At Least Part of the Time.

Leaving Brunswick
Proud Owners

The time that seemed so far in the future finally arrived!!  Liz and I rented a U-Haul trailer, loaded it with stuff from the trailer and other things that we bought to include in the new coach and then departed on October 9th headed to Nappanee, IN.  Needless to say we were really excited.  We stayed the first night in Dalton, GA then off to near Louisville, KY  for night two and then arriving in Nappanee on Sunday, October 12th.  Our first stop was at Camp Newmar to try to secure a spot to park the motorhome once we start the delivery process on Monday.  It is beyond me as to why Newmar doesn’t secure a few spots for those folks taking the factory delivery option.  You pay a sizable premium for this service and it seems to me that you shouldn’t have to scrounge for a spot in the main lot.  Unfortunately, for us all the spaces were taken so we would be relegated to the overflow area for at least the first night.  The negative to the overflow area is that there is no sewer hookup making it necessary to move the RV to a dump station after a couple of days if you are trying out the washing machine and dishwasher.  Below is a link to a page that describes in more detail all that we went through the week of delivery.

We met some great folks while at Camp Newmar and enjoyed interacting with our tech Scott and his team leader Leander.  These guys really try to do a Continue reading Finally, On the Road…At Least Part of the Time.

Out with the Old and in with the New!!

Ready to hookup for last trip to Jacksonville
Ready to hookup for last trip to Jacksonville

Well, its been a little while since I posted but things are still happening and a lot has been going on behind the scenes.  We are ever so close to the final episode in the choosing, ordering, and taking delivery of our motorhome phase of this adventure.  We closed on September 15th with the dealer and we are now official owners of a Newmar motorhome, even though it’s not in our possession. I was anxious to get all the paperwork out of the way so we didn’t feel rushed at the last minute, and to give us time to take care of any unforeseen complications.  Well, fortunately everything went smoothly.  We pulled the Ole Fun Finder down to Dick Gore’s in Jacksonville and said good bye.  I know that I said it before, but if the Newmar is as trouble free as the trailer was, we will be extremely happy.  Since the motorhome has many more complex systems, the odds of that happening is not vey good – but we can hope.

New Hitch
New Hitch

We also scheduled the hitch installation for the front of the Ford Edge so that we can tow it behind the motorhome.  For those not familiar with this process it is more complicated and more expensive than I thought.  Parts for the Blue Ox tow system, including the tow bar, base plate, cables and wiring harness ended up being around $2500.00 and then it was $1000.00 to install and wire it.  It takes almost 8 hours of labor for the installation.  I’m so glad that I negotiated to have this included with the deal.  Ours was a little more difficult too as we have the Adaptive Cruise Control and the sensor box is in the way of the normal installation so a special base plate has to be used which takes more time to install.  As you can see from the picture the heavy duty connectors to the tow bar are not that visible on the front of the car.  Since this installation had to go higher on the front, we needed a 4 inch riser in the receiver so that the hitch will be level between the motorhome and the Continue reading Out with the Old and in with the New!!