Well, We Did It…

2016 Ventana
2016 Ventana

Over the weekend Liz and I negotiated the final price for our new motorhome and today we put down a deposit and placed our special order.  We decided on a 2016 Newmar Ventana 4041.  This is a new floor plan for Newmar this year and adds additional storage over other models, but sacrifices part of the seating area.  We decided that 90% of the time it is just the two us and there is plenty of seating for us, and at least one or two more couples.  If we have more than that we normally set outside anyway.  Therefore, we decided the storage space was more important.  Below is a link to some pictures of the new models and the floor plans posted on one of the dealer’s websites.  Newmar has yet to post the 2016 model line on its site.



We ordered the all electric model (comes with Onan generator if electric not available) so we won’t have to mess with propane.  We took advantage of most of the other options offered which were pretty extensive.  It is powered by a 400 hp. Cummings diesel engine and comes with a residential fridge, washer/dryer, convection oven, king size bed, and 1 1/2 baths.  We added a dishwasher and changed the sink from stainless to a solid surface under mount.  We also are having them add some extra outlets and other wiring that others have told us they found to be a valuable addition.

Camp Newmar - Stay for 5 days after receiving unit
Camp Newmar – Stay for 5 days after receiving unit

Now comes the hardest part – The Wait.  Newmar is still in production of the 2015 line and the 2016s will not start rolling out till the end of July or the beginning of August.  Newmar only makes eight coaches a day so we are probably looking at a production start for our unit sometime in September, with delivery in October.  We plan to pickup the motor home at the factory in Nappanee, IN.  This option will allow us to camp for five days at the factory and have a factory technician assigned to us for the week.  He will go over every system on the diesel coach so that we thoroughly understand it, and also handle any manufacturing issues that we might identify.  This is without a doubt the most intensive customer support that I have seen from any of the manufacturers.  We plan to pull our Ford Edge behind the motorhome so we will drive it out to Indiana and pull a small trailer with all the stuff from our current RV that we will need to put in the new one.  We got the dealer to include all the towing equipment we need to enable us to tow the car behind the coach.  That part is more complicated and expensive than I originally thought as the car brakes need to be activated when you use the brakes in the motor home so I’m glad we got them to include it (I’m sure it didn’t hurt them financially).  We will have most of that installed on the car before we leave so that we can basically just connect it once we get there.

Needless to say we are both excited, but we need to turn our focus to getting things done around the house while we wait.  Once we take delivery, it will be hard to keep us out of it.

Stay Tuned!!




8 thoughts on “Well, We Did It…”

    1. Thanks. We look forward to it. WE are now in the process of adding some special orders that aren’t offered as options. One reason we picked Newmar is that they allow quite a bit of personal customization. It will seem forever till October but we are still enjoying traveling in our trailer.

  1. First off congrats to you for your new coach. We currently have a 2011 Ventana and have been looking at the DS 4041. You have got to love all of the storage space that the kitchen has. A question though, did you go with the small micro/convection oven or did you upgrade to a larger unit. We thought that it was a bit small with what Newmar decided to put in as the factory choice. Rick

    1. Rick,
      I sent you a personal email with info regarding the microwave. We stayed with the standard unit as Newmar had no other wall mounted units in stock and would not special order one for us.


  2. Congrats on your coach! Hopefully by now you’ve enjoyed many miles of travels. I’m in the process of ordering a Baystar and also requested some additional outlets, but the price the dealer quoted seems really high. Could you send me an email and let me know what you were charged for the extra outlets?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Brian,
      Congrats to you too. We are well satisfied with all aspects of our purchase. There have been a few bugs to work out, but nothing that has turned me sour on the deal or Newmar and their customer service. I will send you an email too, but the regular outlets were reasonable when added during the build, but after the unit is completed adding something will cost considerably more.

      Best of Luck


  3. We are considering trading our motorhome for a 2016 Ventana 4041.

    Can we email privately to ask specific questions, please?

    We have been full-time since September 2015 and enjoy it.

    Hope you do to!


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