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I haven’t posted much recently as we have not been traveling but that doesn’t mean that things RV related haven’t been taking place.  I am in the midst of preparing our “build sheet” for the Newmar coach we want to order.  Once I have a few questions answered, I will be ready to sbmit it to the dealer for pricing.  Look for a post on that soon.

Ready for Surgery
Ready for Surgery

In the mean time Liz has been dealing with a medical issue.  She had to have a cancerous lesion removed from her bladder on May 2oth.  Unfortunately, it is a recurrence from a similar procedure performed a year ago in March.  The good news is that the doctor says it was small, low grade and easily removed.  We expect a full recovery with no complications.  She will need to have a checkup every three months to make sure all is OK.

What this brings to mind is that both of us need to be prepared to deal with medical issues while on the road.  Since we aren’t quite to Medicare age yet, we have our own health insurance and fortunately, it is a great national plan so we are covered wherever we go.  However, having good health insurance is only part of it.  Thought has to be given to the current state of one’s health and how often doctor visits must occur.  Of course, we want to try to get as many as we can scheduled together so we can keep our doctor return trips to a minimum.  Any emergency would have to be handled at wherever we were currently located.  If one chooses a domicile other than his/her current state one has to consider whether or not to get new doctors.  I guess it would depend on how much travel is planned and how much time one plans to stay in the new domicile state.  We currently plan to keep our doctors here in Georgia as we plan to be traveling quite a bit the first few years.  It makes no sense to get new doctors in Florida (our expected state of domicile) if we plan to be away from the area for extended lengths of time.  It would be just as easy to go to our current doctors in Georgia and certainly easier since they have all the current records.

This brings me to the next point which is what kind of records should one take with them.  We have to research that and determine what is appropriate.  I would think a complete medical history and the latest information on current treatments would be sufficient.  I’m not sure if the records can be digitized and carried on a computer thumb drive or if it has to be hard copy.   Finally, prescriptions have to be dealt with.  Most of the time medications can be prescribed at least 90 days in advance and if one can have them filled either by mail, or at a national chain like CVS it isn’t too much of a hassle.  The problem comes with any narcotic which has to be by written prescription (cannot be called in) and in the state that it is written.  This causes some issues for certain medicine Liz takes for her back.

We will be working through this and let everyone know what seems to work best for us.

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