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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but we were so busy at the rally in Sevierville, TN that I really didn’t have the opportunity. What a GREAT trip!! We had no serious mechanical problems and there was something interesting and/or fun at each stop.  We got to spend time with my mother and help her celebrate her 84th birthday, and visit with long time friends Rick and Vickie Manford.  We traveled a total of 3225 miles (about 2700 with the trailer), visited 11 states, made new friends and learned a lot about fulltime RVing at the RV Dreams Rally (I will have more about the Rally in another post).  If it wouldn’t have been for some doctors appointments and Liz’s trip to Las Vegas with her sisters, we probably would still be out there.

However, now that we are back home it’s time to start focusing on our downsizing plan.  Again, I’m overwhelmed.  Since it seems like we have time before the house goes on the market next Spring, I have a tendency to procrastinate.  Bad Idea.  Plus, we both want to take another trip, but know that we need to do a few things here first.  Maybe we can work on a trip for June.  Stay Focused have to be the words of the day.  Once we get the trailer unloaded, cleaned and back in storage I plan to start on the garage again.  I’ve sold a few things, but need to get stuff organized for a sale.  Our son David and his family are coming to visit for Memorial Day so maybe I can load their car up with stuff we don’t need any more (maybe never needed).

2016 Ventana
2016 Ventana

It’s also time to get back in touch with Dick Gore’s RV sales in Jacksonville.  The new 2016 Newmar lineup was just announced.  Sticking with our plan for an October delivery, will necessitate ordering in June or July.  However, I’m not sure I like the new styling on the Ventana, but I need to see more pictures.  I definitely don’t like the grey color that is used in the samples just released.  Hopefully, the new style will grow on me as I still like the floor plans and options offered by Newmar.  You can check out the entire line at the link below:

I will try to keep everyone up to date on our progress to full timing, but some of the tasks seem too mundane to post here.  Certainly not as interesting as travelling around the country.

Stay Tuned!



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