Medical Issues…

I haven’t posted much recently as we have not been traveling but that doesn’t mean that things RV related haven’t been taking place.  I am in the midst of preparing our “build sheet” for the Newmar coach we want to order.  Once I have a few questions answered, I will be ready to sbmit it to the dealer for pricing.  Look for a post on that soon.

Ready for Surgery
Ready for Surgery

In the mean time Liz has been dealing with a medical issue.  She had to have a cancerous lesion removed from her bladder on May 2oth.  Unfortunately, it is a recurrence from a similar procedure performed a year ago in March.  The good news is that the doctor says it was small, low grade and easily removed.  We expect a full recovery with no complications.  She will need to have a checkup every three months to make sure all is OK.

What this brings to mind is that both of us need to be prepared to deal with medical issues while on the road.  Since we aren’t quite to Medicare age yet, we have our own health insurance and fortunately, it is a great national plan so we are covered wherever we go.  However, having good health insurance is only part of it.  Thought has to be given to the current state of one’s health and how often doctor visits must occur.  Of course, we want to try to get as many as we can scheduled together so we can keep our doctor return trips to a minimum.  Any emergency would have to be handled at wherever we were currently located.  If one chooses a domicile other than his/her current state one has to consider Continue reading Medical Issues…

The 2016’s Are Here – Newmar That Is

2016 Ventana 1If you have been reading this blog you know that Liz and I want to special order a Newmar coach.  Well we missed the 2015 season as all the manufacturing slots for the rest of that model year are filled.  So we have been waiting for the 2016 models.  Well the dealers met in Nashville this week for the unveiling of the new models.  I didn’t realize that they would be making as many changes as they have.  The Ventana, which is the model we are interested in had a complete front and back makeover. Information is just dribbling out which is what I’m sure they want to do to whip all the prospective customers into a frenzy.  They have got me.  Here is a link to the lineup:

Rear VentanaIn addition to the exterior, they have made changes to some of the floor plans and have made significant chassis improvements.  I’m not real keen on the new Ventana grill, but can live with it as so many of the other improvements are great.  I’m not sure why it needs a front grill, when the diesel engine is in the rear.  As more information becomes available, maybe it will make sense.

The only downside to all these changes is that I’m sure there is going to be a price change too.  We were close to our maximum expenditure on the 2015 so I hope we are not priced out of the market.  The wait is KILLING me!

Stay Tuned!



Back Home!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but we were so busy at the rally in Sevierville, TN that I really didn’t have the opportunity. What a GREAT trip!! We had no serious mechanical problems and there was something interesting and/or fun at each stop.  We got to spend time with my mother and help her celebrate her 84th birthday, and visit with long time friends Rick and Vickie Manford.  We traveled a total of 3225 miles (about 2700 with the trailer), visited 11 states, made new friends and learned a lot about fulltime RVing at the RV Dreams Rally (I will have more about the Rally in another post).  If it wouldn’t have been for some doctors appointments and Liz’s trip to Las Vegas with her sisters, we probably would still be out there.

However, now that we are back home it’s time to start focusing on our downsizing plan.  Again, I’m overwhelmed.  Since it seems like we have time before the house goes on the market next Spring, I have a tendency to procrastinate.  Bad Idea.  Plus, we both want to take another trip, Continue reading Back Home!!