Time for a Trip!

The Ole Funfinder
The Ole Funfinder

It’s time for our spring trip and this is the last one we currently have scheduled (see “Our  Spring Trip” post for our itinerary). I just finished pulling the ole Fun Finder out of our storage area here in Oak Grove Island, GA and gave it a good wash. We have had a tremendous amount of pollen in the last month and the top was yellow and full of leaves, spanish moss and small branches. That’s what happens when you have to park under the Live Oaks we have here. It kicked my butt cleaning the thing. Thank God for Ibuprofen. We were going to go to St. Georges Island on the Gulf in mid May, but we have some follow-up doctor visits that need to take priority. I can see that these types of appointments, and others that pop up due to circumstances, are going to have to be factored into our travels once we are full time. Lets hope Liz and I don’t acquire more maladies.

When we get back, it will be time to put the TT up for sale. We plan to get our new coach by the fall and since we are ordering it we will have to do it in June for an October delivery. I thought I would see if we could sell

the trailer and get a little more than we will on a trade-in. If not, we will just have to take our lumps making the deal. It is less than a year old and still as the original warranty on it so it would be a great unit for someone.  If we weren’t going to full time I would keep it as it has been a great trailer.  It’s just not quite big enough for full time use and the systems weren’t designed for that everyday use year in and out.  It has been a gem.  We only had a few minor things to correct when we got it and all systems have worked great on our trips.

I installed the Oxygenics shower head today and what a difference it makes.  If you are on the fence about getting one of these don’t hesitate to get it – It’s great.  We also have a new water softner to try out.  I will report on how it works and whether it was worth the $179.00 I paid.

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