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Newmar-Plant-ToursNewmar-ServiceOne of the important aspects of this trip was to travel to Nappanee, IN to visit the factory that makes the Newmar Coach line.  We are interested in purchasing one of the Ventana models – the 4037.  We want to special order the unit with the options that we want, and then add some “specials” that aren’t on the option list to really make it ours.  This is one of the advantages of buying from Newmar.  They are the only assembly line manufacturer that I know of that will allow you to make changes that are not regular options.  Paint color, cabinets, appliances,  electrical receptacles, etc. can be modified to the individual buyers specs.  Although we can’t place our order yet as we will be getting a 2016 and the standard specs aren’t published yet for those units, we wanted to find out more about the process we need to follow.  The dealer is supposed to handle most items, but my experience is that they don’t necessarily know all the “ins and out” of the special orders that are possible and not listed on the option list.  After talking to the folks at the Newmar factory, I feel more confident in the process that will work best.

Chassis waiting their turn
Chassis waiting their turn

The actual tour was great, but unfortunately no pictures were allowed inside the factory.  If you ordered a coach and it was in the factory line that day, you could take pictures of that coach only.   Consequently, I can’t show any pictures of the quality construction that occurs.  Newmar employs many of the local Amish to build the cabinetry and much of the other finish work.  These folks take pride in their work and add to the already quality design of these units.  I know that I sound like a “fan boy” for Newmar, but I’ve looked at a lot of different brands of coaches in the last six months and Newmar is as good as any I’ve seen.  All the coaches from the King Aire, which is the top of the line to the Bay Star on the bottom, are built on the same line by the same craftsmen.

In addition to the special orders that Newmar will entertain, which is exceptional in the RV industry, they also offer a factory delivery option.  This involves receiving the new coach at the factory and being able to camp there for five days where any  identified issues with the coach will be immediately addressed.  This is after a thorough quality

Camp Newmar - Stay for 5 days after receiving unit
Camp Newmar – Stay for 5 days after receiving unit

control check by Newmar.  It is also an opportunity to learn all the systems on the unit and how to operate and provide maintenance for them.  This is particularly important to me as this is our first Diesel coach which is complex enough, but we are looking to get an all electric model which will have an Aqua-Hot hydronic heating and hot water system on it.  I want to make sure that I have at least a basic understanding of these systems.  I don’t think you can get that from the dealer.

All these plans are predicated on being able get a reasonable price quote from one of the Newmar authorized dealers.  These are expensive units and if we can’t come to terms on a price, it’s off to Plan B – which is still being formulated.


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