From Brunswick to Tunica

IMG_0614We started our trip on Friday, April 10th from Brunswick. This adventure will ultimately take us through 10 states by the time we return home on May 4th. Our first stop was at Auburn RV Park in Auburn, AL. The trip was 300 miles and took us through steep rolling hills and some pretty nasty storms. The rain is bad enough to deal with, but I really hate the gusty winds as it moves the trailer around. As you can see from the pictures the skies were very forboding all day.  When we got to Auburn, we found the Park after driving by it and ending up in the Briggs and Stratton parking lot (NOT a happy camper). The signage was barely visible and easy to miss, which we did. When we did get to the park we were pleased to see that it was well maintained but very hilly. All the sites were gravel and had full hookups.  We did have a problem with our cable hookup and never did get it working.  The Park  overlooked a ball park complex from the top of a hill. Fortunately, our site was level and a pull through so it was an easy in and out.  We ate IMG_0617at the Mellow Mushroom in Auburn and got to see some of the University.  It is a really pretty town and a great setting for a school.  If you get a chance to go there it’s worth the trip.

On the morning of the 11th we were up and packing everything to head out to Tupelo, MS.  The skies had cleared, but it was a little windy.  Good day though.  This run would be about 275 miles and should be storm free.  It will, however, not include any kind of pilgrimage to Elvis sites – sorry Elvis fans.  We are staying at the Barnes Crossing Road Campground on the edge of Tupelo.  Arriving without incident, I have to say that Tupelo is more of bustling metropolis than I thought.  It appears to be going through a commercial building boom and has the traffic to go with it.  Thank goodness for the GPS to help us find our destination.

Barnes Crossing
Barnes Crossing
Barnes Crossing
Barnes Crossing

This campground was also located on hilly terrain.  Both Liz and I were amazed at how hilly Alabama and especially Mississippi are.  This campground was also very well maintained and the host was friendly.  Be sure to bring cash or your checkbook though, as no credit cards are accepted.  Fortunately, we read that on one of the review sites beforehand and were prepared.  I think we have come to rely on our debit card so much that we sometimes don’t carry enough cash.  We again had a level pull through site so it was an easy setup again.  These sites were full hookups with cable and gravel like the ones in Auburn.  The cable did work here which was great so I could keep up with my cable programs.

IMG_0631IMG_0635We got up to a beautiful morning on the 12th.  It was cool enough for a sweatshirt early, but as the sun rose I was quickly pulling it off.  We packed up again and headed to Tunica, MS.  Today is a short trip of only 130 miles and a three day stop which we are looking forward to.  Tunica is near the Mississippi River and sports about six different casinos.  Liz has always enjoyed spending time with her sisters in Las Vegas so we try to include at least one stop at a casino on our trips so she can stay in practice.  I must say that I enjoy stopping too.  The Sams Town Casino has a campground for only $19.00 a night so we are going to take advantage of it.  The trip was uneventful except for some extremely heavy traffic getting to I 55 outside of Memphis.  I know that I always need to be mentally ready for it, but it still gets under my skin when I have to deal with it pulling the trailer.

The campground has no trees but the sites have decent separation, have level concrete pads and full hookups.  We have a pull through on the end that even makes our space seem larger than the others.  At night it’s cool to see the lights from the casino right from the window of our TT.  They are close enough to be interesting, but not so close to bother us when sleeping.  There are several RV’s in the regular parking lot boondocking.  They are probably only staying overnight and just don’t want to pay the $19.00.

Royal FlushWe’ve went to the  Sams Town Casino last night and today we drove over to the Horseshoe Casino which is a few miles away.  The Horseshoe was a little nicer and much bigger.  I like it quite a bit as I was able to get a Royal Flush on video poker and cash in for a $1000.00.  That doesn’t happen too often for me so I have to relish in a little bit.

I would say that if you are in the Memphis area and like Casinos at all, it is worth the trip to Tunica.  There are six casinos here and something for everyone and with an inexpensive, well maintained campground on site it is a great getaway.

Tonight it is raining like crazy and the ground is saturated so there is water everywhere.  Montana gets uneasy when the rain is pounding the roof so I hope it stops before bedtime.  Liz walked him early this evening because he needed it, and when they came back in they were both soaked.  I get the next walk – Ugh!

I know this post is getting long, but I wanted to add that I hooked up the new water softner this stop so I will review it soon and you can read about it under “Reviews” soon.



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